Safety Tips for National Drowning Prevention Week

by John McKiggan

This week is National Drowning Prevention Week.

According to statistics from the Life Saving Society of Nova Scotia this week experiences the highest number of drowning’s compared to other weeks in the year.

Boaters most at risk

Perhaps surprisingly, it is not swimmers who are at the greatest risk of drowning. It is boaters. Gordon Richardson of LFNS is reminding boaters to wear life jackets.

Some people might not have seen them since they were kids, when lifejackets were a lot bulkier, they were uncomfortable, they were warm and now as you can see from the one that I have on, they’re actually quite comfortable.”

A sad reminder of this fact is the news today that RCMP have recoved the body of a canoeist who was reported missing on Sunday in northeastern Nova Scotia after his canoe overturned. He was not wearing a life jacket.

Last year I wrote an article on safe boating tips: Let’s be careful out there! Boating Safety Tips. I recommend reading the article for more information.

Think like a boy scout

The easiest way to prevent drowning is to remember the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”. If you prepare in advance for an emergency, that includes wearing life jackets when you are boating, you will be in a better position to respond when emergencies happen and reduce the likelihood of tragic consequences.

Be safe and have fun!

Here’s to a safe and happy summer on the water here in Canada’s Ocean Playground.

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