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Nova Scotia’s New Cyberbullying Law A Big Step Forward

by John McKiggan

I was going to write an article summarizing Nova Scotia’s proposed new Cyber-Safety Act. Legislation that the government has introduced to battle cyberbullying. However, my colleague David Fraser has done an excellent job noting the highlights of the Act on his Canadian Privacy Law Blog so I would commend his article to anyone interested in this issue. You can read it here.

Almost a year ago I wrote an article for the Atlantic Canada legal Examiner: More Needs To be Done in Nova Scotia to Protect Children Against Cyberbullying. The province has now tabled the new legislation and it does do more to help protect our children so I thought I would share my views of the proposed legislation.

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Amanda Todd – Can Some Good Come From This Needless Tragedy?

by John McKiggan

Three weeks ago British Columbia teen Amanda Todd was discovered dead in her home in Vancouver. The fifteen year old girl committed suicide after being tormented by bullies online.


Amanda posted a YouTube video a month before her death highlighting the bullying and cruelty she faced. In the video, which now has more than 4 million views, young Amanda reveals that when she was in Grade 7 (12 years old) she attempted to make friends online and she ended up flashing someone (via webcam).

Nova Scotia needs to do more to protect children from bullies

by John McKiggan

Nova Scotia’s Cyberbullying Task Force recently released its recommendations. The Report has some valuable information and makes a number of recommendations to curb bullying and help make our kids safer.

Unfortunately, the province’s response to the Task Force recommendations has, to date, been underwhelming.

More Needs to Be Done in Nova Scotia to Protect Children Against Cyberbullying