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Good news from the Supreme Court of Canada for injured victims of underinsured drivers

by Mark Raftus

What is SEF44 coverage?

In an article and video on the McKiggan Hebert website John McKiggan discussed how the SEF44 Family Protection Endorsement works. But a recent decision from the Supreme Court of Canada has made some important rulings that impact how SEF44 coverage can be used to protect you and your family.

Sabean v Portage Mutual Insurance Company

Is my Nova Scotia “Minor Injury” claim capped at $7500.00?

by John McKiggan

Minor Injury Cap

This is a question I get asked a lot. Some people have heard that Nova Scotia has a law that places a “cap” on the amount of compensation that people can receive if they have been injured in a car accident.

The law places a cap on the amount of compensation that you can get for what lawyers refer to as  “non-pecuniary damages”. Everybody else calls it compensation for “pain and suffering”. We explain this in more detail in my article: What is my Nova Scotia Personal Injury Claim Worth?

How do I get my medical expenses paid after a car accident?

by John McKiggan

One of the most common reasons I am contacted by people who have been injured in car accidents in Nova Scotia is because they are concerned about all the medical expenses they have piling up and they are confused about which insurance company should be paying their medical expenses.

The answer depends on whether you were a driver or passenger or a pedestrian or cyclist. It also depends on whether you have private medical expense coverage through work or through a spouse.

Who pays?

Summer vacation is coming. But your travel insurance may not protect you the way you expect.

by John McKiggan

School is winding up for the year and families are preparing for summer vacation. For many familes that means trips to the United states or somewhere else outside of Canada. careful parents usually include travel health insurance on their “to do” list when getting ready for family travel.

But does travel insurancce protect you the way you think it does?

Travel Insurance Company Denies Couples Huge Medical Bill Claim

March Break Travel Plans? Make sure you have insurance!

by John McKiggan

Next week is March Break here in Atlantic Canada and I know many families are planning on travelling during the break.

I recently wrote an article for the Atlantic Canada Legal Examiner in which I discussed the plights of two unfortunate Canadians who were stuck with extraordinary medical bills after their travel insurance claims were denied.

So I decided it might be helpful to write a follow-up article with some advice on purchasing travel insurance.

What Does Hulk Hogan Have To Do With Car Insurance?

by John McKiggan

Hulk Hogan and the Lovely Liz

My youngest son is a big fan of wrestling. So when my wife Liz and I saw superstar wrestler Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) at a restaurant in Florida, I just had to ask him if I could get a photograph of him with Liz and an autograph for my son.

As you can see, Mr. Bollea was very understanding and patient with my wife and I (and all the other fans who wanted to pose with him for a picture).

Do Commercial General Liability Policies Cover Injuries to Employees? Sam’s Auto Wrecking and Lombard General Insurance

by John McKiggan

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently released reasons in Sam’s Auto Wrecking and Lombard General Insurance The case is interesting because it involves the relationship between worker’s compensation coverage, employee disability insurance policies and commercial general liability policies.

The Facts

John Ferber was employed by Sam’s Auto Wrecking Co. Limited. While helping other employees of Sam’s Auto Wrecking load a flatbed truck Ferber was seriously injured.

Nova Scotia Introduces New Insurance Reforms: Halifax Personal Injury Lawyer Explains

by John McKiggan

Today Graham Steele, the Minister responsible for Nova Scotia’s Insurance Act announced new legislation to improve automobile insurance coverage in Nova Scotia. The Fair Automobile Insurance (2011) Act, will be introduced in the legislature today.

I was part of the Review Committe that provided advice to the province regarding what improvements needed to be made to Nova Scotia’s Insurance system: McKiggan Appointed to Provincial Insurance Review Committee

Highlights of Changes

Hot Coffee: The Truth About the MacDonald’s Coffee Case

by John McKiggan

When people I meet for the first time find out I am a personal injury lawyer almost invariably the conversation ends up with them mentioning the lady who spilled hot coffee on herself and sued McDonald’s for $3 million.

Unfortunately there is a stunning lack of public understanding about the real facts of the McDonald’s coffee case. That misunderstanding is fueled by corporate interests who want the public to belive that there is a “problem” with people being able to recover compensation for their injuires.

The insurance industry wants to increase it’s profits by limiting access to justice and the rights of innocent victims to receive full and fair compensation for their injuries.

New Brunswick Car Accident Claims – Did Auto Insurers Make “Enormous” Profits By Overcharging Consumers in N.B.?

by John McKiggan

I noticed this report today and I thought I would pass it along.

New Brunswick’s Insurance Board is holding hearings investigating whether Pembridge Insurance – owned by All State Insurance, has overcharged consumers.

Paula Elliot, an actuary hired by the province to review rates charged by the insurance company, suggested Pembridge made enormous profits in New Brunswick between 2004 and 2008 and would make too much again last year unless its rates are reduced by at least 3.6 per cent and a rebate offered on the difference.