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Understanding Whiplash in Nova Scotia Car Accidents

by John McKiggan

No matter how severe a car accident may seem in the initial follow-up moments, suffering from whiplash and whiplash associated disorders (WAD) can quickly escalate what appears at first to be a minor incident into a serious medical emergency. 

“Whiplash” is the common term for an injury resulting from an abrupt back-and-forth flexing of the neck. This type of neck pain can vary tremendously individually, but in some severe cases the symptoms of whiplash can include things like harsh back pain, neck sprains, muscle spasms, shoulder pain, concussions, neck stiffness, chronic pain and much more.

These very painful and disruptive symptoms can greatly affect a car accident or sports injury victim’s quality of life, overall ability to provide an income for one’s self and family, and can even lead to emotional injuries like depression and social isolation in some extreme cases. No one should ever have to live with this kind of pain and suffering that can result from a whiplash injury — especially when the injury is caused directly by someone else’s negligent actions.

Contact Sports May Cause Brian Injury Even Without Concussions: New Research

by John McKiggan

Public Awareness

The past few years has seen a huge increase in public awareness regarding the dangers of concussions and how they are related to contact sports like hockey and football.

The turning point, I believe, was during the 2010-2011 NHL season when Sydney Crosby suffered a concussion as a result of hits to his head in two consecutive games. The injury put him on the disabled list for ten and a half months. However the symptoms returned the following season.