“Holding” a cell phone will get you fined for distracted driving in Nova Scotia: The Queen v. Cullen Edward MacDonald

by John McKiggan

Are you “using” your cell phone if you are just holding it?

That’s the question that was before the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia this week. In a decision released yesterday: The Queen v. Cullen Edward MacDonald, Justice Chipman of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruled on Section 100D (1) of the Motor Vehicle Act with respect to you what it means to “use” a handheld cellular telephone.

Texting and driving

End Distracted Driving Presentations for Halifax Schools

by John McKiggan

Distracted Driving Presentations for Halifax Students

I have been volunteering with doing presentations for students at Halifax schools about the dangers of distracted driving. So far we have talked to more than 700 students at 5 different schools.

My goal is spread the message to students at every JHS and HS in Halifax. If you are a teacher or part of a Parent Teacher Group (PTG) or a member of your schools’ School Advisory Committee (SAC) and you would like to have us give the presentation to your kids’ school, please contact me through this blog.

Get Your Kids Back-to-School Safely!

by John McKiggan

It’s that time again! Tomorrow is the first day of school and lots of eager (or not so eager) kids will be heading back to school.

As an injury lawyer in Nova Scotia, I have dealt with countless tragic cases where children have been injured, many of them in and around schools. Here are a few tips for parents to make sure the first day back (and every other day during the school year) is a safe one.

Whichever method your children use to get to school there are a number of safety considerations to remember.