Halifax get ready for Arthur!

by John McKiggan

Just a quick reminder for anyone who hasn’t been next to a radio, television or newspaper in the last few days…the first Hurricane of the year is expected to make landfall in Halifax this weekend.

Hurricane Arthur is expected to be downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it reaches Halifax. Even so Environment Canada has issued a weather alert:

Tropical storm-force winds of 70 gusting to 100 km/h over exposed areas from Hurricane Arthur can be expected over the above regions.

These winds could break tree branches potentially resulting in downed utility lines. Secure loose objects on your property and anticipate power interruptions. Stay away from the shore – the combination of surge and large waves could result in dangerous rip currents and the risk of being pulled out to sea .

A few things to remember:

– Go to the bank to get some extra cash: Credit/debit cards don’t work when the power’s out.
– Fresh water: Buy some bottled water for drinking and fill your tub for washing/flushing.
– First aid kit: Do you have one? Do you know where it is?
– Buy a battery-powered or wind-up radio.
– Make sure you know where your flashlight is stored.
– Do you have plenty of batteries for your radio and flashlight?
– Food: You gotta eat right?
– Manual can opener: if the power is out your electric opener isn’t going to work.
– Propane: I remember after Hurricane Juan we barbequed every meal for a week.

Have a safe weekend everyone!

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