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Should Kids Be Driving ATV’s? Doctors Call for Ban

by John McKiggan

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are four-wheeled motorized rugged vehicles usually operated off-road. They are particularly popular in rural communities and are frequently operated by children of all ages. They are popular recreational vehicles throughout Canada. But a local physician is hoping to change that.

Hundreds of Children Injured Every Year

The Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) recently called for a ban on children driving ATVs. Dr. Natalie Yanchar, a surgeon at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, says she has seen too many broken bones and deaths from ATV accidents. A study authored by Dr. Yanchar reported that an average of 450 children under the age of 15 are hospitalized every year from injuries caused by ATV.

Get Your Kids Back-to-School Safely!

by John McKiggan

It’s that time again! Tomorrow is the first day of school and lots of eager (or not so eager) kids will be heading back to school.

As an injury lawyer in Nova Scotia, I have dealt with countless tragic cases where children have been injured, many of them in and around schools. Here are a few tips for parents to make sure the first day back (and every other day during the school year) is a safe one.

Whichever method your children use to get to school there are a number of safety considerations to remember.

Blind Zone Back Over Demonstration

by John McKiggan

Most Canadians don’t realize that every single vehicle sold in Canada has a blind zone behind it. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle that blind zone is anywhere from 10 feet to up to 50 feet.

When asked, most people guess that the blind zone is 5 or 6 feet.

CBC news recently did a story on the issue and I thought I would post the video because it visually demonstrates the problem.

Tragic Back-Over Death Evidence of Hidden Problem: Kids and Cars Canada

by John McKiggan

Police in Toronto are investigating a heartbreaking death as a result of a back-over accident that happened on the weekend.

A father dropped off his wife and eight-year old son outside Toronto’s Ontario Science Centre. While backing-up to leave the parking lot the father struck his wife and son. Tragically, the eight-year old boy died of his injuries. Media reports indicate the child’s mother is in serious but stable condition in the hospital.

This terrible accident is evidence of a hidden problem. One that most Canadians aren’t even aware exists.

Chinese Toddler Dies and Creates Storm of Controversy

by John McKiggan

Last week staff at Guangzhou Military District Hospital announced that Wang Yue had died of the injuries she suffered when she was run down in a hit and run collision in China.

The collision, which was caught on video by a security camera, has raised a storm of controversy around the world because while she lay bleeding in the street almost 20 people walk or drive by the little girl and ignore her.

The video has raised questions about cultural differences between China and North America, legal issues about so-called Good Samaritan laws and moral questions about personal autonomy and our obligations to others.

Baby Dragged By Car Highlights Dangers of Unattended Children: Kids and Cars Canada

by John McKiggan

Baby Dragged By Car

The Ottawa Citizen reported that a 6 month old boy suffered head injuries after being dragged 12 meters by the family car when it rolled backwards down their driveway after being knocked into gear by his 3 year old sister.

The infant’s 14 year old sister was helping her mom get the family ready for a trip. The baby had been buckled into a car seat and the car seat was placed on the driveway beside the family car. The family’s 3 year old daughter was playing in the front seat of the car and managed to knock the car into gear. The car started rolling backwards and dragged the infant in his car seat for almost 12 meters. Media reports list the baby as being in stable but serious condition.

Child ATV Injuries in N.S. Down (or Maybe Not)

by John McKiggan

A pediatric surgeon at the IWK Health Center, Dr. Natalie Yanchar recently completed a study comparing ATV related hospitalizations in the province for three years before Nova Scotia introduced restrictions on children driving ATVs and the three years since the legislation was put into place.

According to Dr. Yanchar’s study, ATV related hospitalizations dropped 38% since the new legislation was put in place and severe ATV related injuries dropped 75%.

In 2005 Nova Scotia enacted legislation requiring mandatory safety training for children. The legislation also prohibits children under the age of 14 from riding ATVs unless they are on closed courses. 14 and 15 year olds are able to ride ATVs while under parental supervision.

Kids in Hot Cars: Criminal Charges or Better Education?

by John McKiggan

Today I was interviewed as Chair of Kids and Cars Canada. The issue: The dangers of leaving children in hot cars and what can be done to prevent it. Should the conduct be criminalized or will better public education help?

You can listen to the interview and the calers comments by going to 570 News website and clicking on the link to the audio clip of the interview.

Leaving Kids in Hot Cars

Child Safety: Passerby Rescues Toddler in Sun Baked Car – Kids and Cars Canada

by John McKiggan

Yesterday I was interviewed as Chair of – Canada, about the dangers of leaving children in cars during the hot summer months: A Hot Weekend Reminder for Parents

I have posted before about the dangers posed to children when they are left in cars. See for example: Child Safety: Sunny Days and Kids in Cars

On a sunny 25 degree day the temperature inside a locked car can rise to more than 100 degress in less than 5 minutes.