Hurricane Safety Tips

by John McKiggan

Media reports indicate we may experience our first hurricane of the season this weekend. It doesn’t look like hurricane Irene is going to be anywhere near as powerful as hurricane Juan. Nevertheless, hurricanes are powerful and dangerous events that can cause significant damage and injury.

Therefore I thought it would be helpful to post a couple of tips to help folks prepare.

Prepare Your Safety Kit

Put together a waterproof plastic bin that you can keep in storage with your “Emergency Safety kit”. Consider including the following items:

• A first-aid kit and prescription medication;
• Canned food for four days (and a can opener);
• Three gallons of water per person;
• Ponchos;
• A “hand crank” flashlight and radio (that don’t require batteries);
• Disposable plates, cups, utensils;
• Infant care items (ie. disposable diapers, baby wipes, baby food/formula);
• Matches and a couple of cans of Sterno
Prepare Your Property

• Clear all patio furniture from decks;
• Secure your BBQ or any other loose objects around your property;
• Bring in flags, patio umbrellas or awnings;
• Don’t park your car under a tree;
• Remove lawn ornaments or decorative wreathes.

General Preparedness

• Fill your car’s gas tank and buy nonperishable food supplies;
• During the storm stay inside and stay away from windows;
• Stay away from coastal areas to avoid flood waters or storm surges.

Have a safe weekend everyone!

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