Infant Safety: Babies Being Given Dangerous Herbal Remedies

by John McKiggan

The latest edition of Pediatrics Journal contained a study published by the University Hospital Medical Centre in Cleveland Ohio which shows that 9% of babies are being given a wide variety of herbal supplements. The study states that this is a concern because some of the herbs may pose health risks to babies.


The problem arises because herbal supplements are not regulated the same way as drugs and pharmaceuticals. The herbal remedies may cause adverse drug reactions and may be contaminated.

For example, in 2007 Baby’s Bliss brand of Gripe Water, which is used to calm colicky babies, was recalled because it contained a parasite that can cause intestinal infections.

Milk or Formula

Pediatric experts recommend that infants receive only human milk or infant formula for the first 4-6 months of their life.

The milk or formula can be supplemented with vitamins or medicine as recommended by your doctor.

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