Sports Related Brain Injuries in Teenagers on the Increase

by John McKiggan

Head Injuries Increase by 70%

The new school year is well underway and students are signing up for various sport teams. A new study from the Centre for Injury Research and Policy suggests that sports related head injuries among teenagers are increasing.

The study found that the number of young people suffering from head injuries while playing basketball had spiked 70% between 1997 and 2007.

Researchers believe that head injuries are likely caused by collisions between players, ball to head, or a players head hitting the floor.

Know the Symptoms!

As I have pointed out before, it’s important for parents, coaches and student athletes to be aware of the signs and symptoms of concussions.

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Concussions can cause significant permanent injuries. Since the effects of concussions are cumulative, proper identification in order to prevent lasting disabling effects are vital.

You can find a checklist of the signs and symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury on my website.

Want more information? Contact me through this blog and ask for a free copy of my book, The Survivor’s Guide to Brain Injury Claims: How to prove the invisible injury.

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