Trasylol (Aprotinin) Class Action: Information for Nova Scotia patients.

by John McKiggan

A “multi-million dollar” class action law suit has been filed against drug manufacturer Bayer Inc. for injuries allegedly caused by the drug Trasylol (also known as Aprotinin)

CTV News has reported that a number of class action lawsuits have been filed in the United States. Now patients in Canada have filed a similar lawsuit.

Bayer Inc. withdrew Trasylol from the market after medical research studies showed that patients treated with the drug were more likely to die than patients treated with other medication.

We have been investigating potential Trasylol claims for almost a year.

In May of this year I posted about a Canadian study called the “BART Trial” which found that patients who received Trasylol were 53% more likely to die than people who received other common anti-bleeding agents like Aminocaproic Acid.

You can read the post here: Trasylol (Aprotinin) Anti-Bleeding Drug Raises Death Risk: Canadian Study.

Almost a year ago a documentary on CBS’s 60 Minutes discussed the risks posed by the drug and suggested that the manufacturer, Bayer, hid evidence that Trasylol was dangerous. The documentary pointed out that as far back as January 2006 the New England Journal of Medicine published a study reporting that Trasylol was connected with kidney failure, cardiac arrest and stroke in patients undergoing coronary artery surgery.

You can watch the whole 60 Minutes story here.

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