“Dangerous Substance” BPA Found in Children’s Food Containers

by John McKiggan

Last month Bisphenol A was officially designated a dangerous substance by Health Canada. I posted about the news here.
The ruling came about as a result of concerns when the hormone was found in children’s baby bottles.

Now tests conducted for CTV News and The Globe and Mail on cans for several popular children’s foods shows similar or higher levels of bisphenol A than in baby bottles.

Baby bottles were found to leach about 6 parts per billion of BPA. The new test results showed higher concentrations of the dangerous substance in some popular children’s food containers.

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup: 8.61 (Parts per billion)
Heinz Tomato Juice: 14.11 Allen’s Apple Juice: 17.9 Hunt’s Tomato Sauce: A whopping 18.21 parts per billion!

For those of you that think just children are at risk, the chemical was also found in Molson beer cans 8.19 and Labatt beer cans 9.27.

The scary part is that these results are likely low:

“The tests we did in the cans are fairly conservative,” said Julia Taylor, the lab technician that conducted the tests.
“We used water, which is less likely to pull out BPA in a can.”

My boys love Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. What do you eat when you have a cold or aren’t feeling well? Chicken noodle soup. Is there any product out there that has a reputation for being healthier than chicken noodle soup?

I guess now I’m going to have to dig out my grandmothers recipe for home made chicken noodle soup. Yum!

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