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Depression Linked to Brain Injury

by John McKiggan

A new Canadian study suggests depression is a physical outcome of “minor” head injuries like concussion.

In the past, coaches and athletes have considered having your “bell rung” (a concussion) to be a relatively minor injury that athletes need to “shake off” before returning to the game. The sports medicine study was conducted to determine the effects of concussion on elite or professional athletes.

The National Post reported that:

Eardrops May Cause Hearing Loss: Canadian Study

by John McKiggan

A new study, led by researchers at The Montreal Children’s Hospital, has revealed that certain over-the-counter earwax softeners containing the active ingredient triethanolamine polypeptide oleate condensate (10%) can cause severe inflammation and damage to the eardrum and inner ear.

The research team studied the impact of the non-prescription drug Cerumenex on hearing. In addition, overall toxicity in the outer ear and changes in the nerve cells of the inner ear were analyzed.

“Harmful effects to many of the cells were observed after only one dose,” says Dr. Melvin Schloss co-author and MCH Director of Otolaryngology. “We observed reduced hearing, severe inflammation, and lesions to the nerve cells.”