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Wrongful Death Claims: Is it better to be killed in Canada or the United States?

by John McKiggan

Is it better to be killed by someone’s negligence in Canada or the United States?
I’m sure most people would answer that question: “None of the above”. But the reason I ask is to point out the significant differences in compensation claims between Canada and the United States. I was remined, yet again, of these differences when I read a post by Ron Miller on his excellent Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog.

Wrongful Deaths Claims for Elderly Victims

Mr. Miller was explaining how wrongful death claims for elderly victims are valued in the state of Maryland. Defence counsel usually claim that the victim’s claim needs to be discounted because, since they were elderly, their life expectancy was shorter than a younger person. Mr. Miller points out:
The “victim was old anyway” argument is offensive and cold…but not, relatively speaking, entirely untrue.

Nova Scotia Personal Injury Claims: Compensation for Fatal Injuries

by John McKiggan

How Do You Put a Price on the Loss of a Loved One?

I have already posted about how the courts calculate compensation for pain and suffering. But what happens if your family member died from their injuries?

There is no way to truly place a dollar value on the loss of a loved one due to a fatal injury. Law makers in Canada and the courts have struggled with the question of how to fairly compensate surviving family members for the loss of a loved one.