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Elderly Drivers: How old is too old?

by John McKiggan

Last week I posted about how many drivers are not aware of the dangers posed by their car’s rear blind spot. Yesterday I asked under what circumstances a persons driving privileges should be restricted.

Today I want to talk about another driver safety issue that is just starting to come to the public’s attention. But it is an issue that is going to become more important in the near future. I also want to provide some information that may help improve the safety of our roads and highways.

Why Do I Care?

Teenagers with ADHD at Higher Risk of Car Accidents

by John McKiggan

A research study conducted by the University of Toronto over 7 years has found that teenage boys with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) have a 35% higher risk of being hurt in car accidents, whether they are the driver or just a pedestrian.

The lead author of this study, Dr. Donald Redelmeier said that teenagers with ADHD:

“Should wear seatbelts, avoid excessive speed, restrict the use of alcohol and avoid distractions such as having a lot of passengers in the car and using a cell phone.”

Blind Spots a Big Danger for Young Children: Child Injury Prevention

by John McKiggan

Everyone who has learned to drive knows that all vehicles have “blind spots” in the back, sides and corners where the vehicles rear view or side view mirrors don’t provide adequate visibility.

Children Injured Every Day

Everyday, young children are injured when they are backed over by a motor vehicle. More than 70% of children injured in “backing up” accidents are hit by a driver who’s related to them, usually their parent.

Bicycle Helmets Save Lives – Prevent Brain Injury

by John McKiggan

I bought my son Liam a new bike this past weekend. He just couldn’t wait to get outside and go riding with his friends. But he had to wait while I made sure that his new bicycle helmet fit him properly.

Summertime is Bicycle Time

With warm weather and summer vacation the number of children on bikes increases dramatically. So do the number of children attending hospital emergency rooms with head injuries.

Class Action involving “disgraced” pathologist to proceed: NB Ct. of Appeal

by John McKiggan

Dr. R. Menon tried to stop a class action filed against him by patients whose test results were mis-read by Menon.

The New Bruswick Court of Appeal ruled last week that the class action can proceed.

I have been following this fiasco for the last two years. For more information you can take a look a some of my past posts:

Facebook Being Used Against Personal Injury Victims

by John McKiggan

Defence Lawyers on Facebook

Everybody seems to be interested in Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media networks these days. That includes lawyers who represent insurance companies. There have been a series of cases across Canada where lawyers for insurance companies have demanded production of plaintiffs’ Facebook pages in order to use the information against the plaintiff.

Depressed Victim Looked Too Happy

What is “Vicarious Liability”? Halifax Personal Injury Lawyer Explains

by John McKiggan

Direct Liability

The term vicarious liability comes up in personal injury claims frequently. In most cases, your claim will be against the person who directly caused your injuries. For example, if you are run over by a car while walking in a cross walk, you can sue the driver of the car who may be found directly liable (at fault) for your injuries.

Vicarious Liability

What is a “Discovery”? Halifax Personal Injury Lawyer Explains

by John McKiggan

The Discovery Process

One of the most important steps in any personally injury claim is the oral discovery. If you file a lawsuit for compensation for personal injuries you will be required to testify about your knowledge of the event that lead to the lawsuit and your knowledge of the injuries that you have suffered.

In other words; what happened? How badly were you injured? How have the injuries effected your life?