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Child ATV Injuries in N.S. Down (or Maybe Not)

by John McKiggan

A pediatric surgeon at the IWK Health Center, Dr. Natalie Yanchar recently completed a study comparing ATV related hospitalizations in the province for three years before Nova Scotia introduced restrictions on children driving ATVs and the three years since the legislation was put into place.

According to Dr. Yanchar’s study, ATV related hospitalizations dropped 38% since the new legislation was put in place and severe ATV related injuries dropped 75%.

In 2005 Nova Scotia enacted legislation requiring mandatory safety training for children. The legislation also prohibits children under the age of 14 from riding ATVs unless they are on closed courses. 14 and 15 year olds are able to ride ATVs while under parental supervision.

Kids in Hot Cars: Criminal Charges or Better Education?

by John McKiggan

Today I was interviewed as Chair of Kids and Cars Canada. The issue: The dangers of leaving children in hot cars and what can be done to prevent it. Should the conduct be criminalized or will better public education help?

You can listen to the interview and the calers comments by going to 570 News website and clicking on the link to the audio clip of the interview.

Leaving Kids in Hot Cars

Child Safety: Passerby Rescues Toddler in Sun Baked Car – Kids and Cars Canada

by John McKiggan

Yesterday I was interviewed as Chair of – Canada, about the dangers of leaving children in cars during the hot summer months: A Hot Weekend Reminder for Parents

I have posted before about the dangers posed to children when they are left in cars. See for example: Child Safety: Sunny Days and Kids in Cars

On a sunny 25 degree day the temperature inside a locked car can rise to more than 100 degress in less than 5 minutes.

Child Safety: Sunny Days and Kids in Cars

by John McKiggan

Yesterday was the first sunny day we have had in what seems like months. I actually had to roll the windows down in my car driving home it was so hot.

By coincidence, Kids and Cars sent me a public service announcement yesterday reminding car owners of the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars.

So that’s probably why this story Child in car on hot day: What was mom thinking? caught my attention today. Fortunately the child in this story wasn’t hurt. But things could easily have turned out differently. Tragically so.

Cyber Bullying: Keeping Your Child Safe Online

by John McKiggan

Bullying has been a problem that every generation has had to deal with.When I was a kid the “class bully” was usually a big child who used his physical size and strength to intimidate or hurt smaller or weaker classmates.

The explosive growth of texting and social networking sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter allows any child to participate in a new form of bullying: “cyber bullying”.

What is it?