Brain Injury Claims: Doctors Call for New Rules for Athletes with Concussions

by John McKiggan

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) has issued a new physician’s statement with five recommendations for management of concussions in sports.

Concussion = Brain Injury

As I have explained here before, a concussion is, in fact, a minor traumatic brain injury.

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Unfortunately, the public in general and student athletes, coaches and referees in particular still don’t seem to be aware of the potentially devastating effects of concussions.

Concussions Can Have “Catastrophic” Effects

The majority of concussions resolve without any long-term consequences. However, Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher Chair of the AAN Sports Neurology Section points out that:

“Catastrophic results can occur and we do not yet know the long term effects of multiple concussions … We owe it to athletes to advocate for policy measures that promote high quality, safe care for those participating in contact sports.”

Take Time to Recover

The AAN recommends that athletes who suffer a concussion should not be allowed to participate in sports as long as they are suffering from symptoms of a concussion.

Medical Exams Needed

The report also recommends that a neurologist or a doctor with special training should be required to clear the athlete because they can return to their sporting activities.

More Education

The AAN recommends that education efforts should be maximized to improve the understanding of sports concussion by all athletes, parents and coaches. This is the recommendation that I think is likely to have the most positive effect.

I have lobbied for greater education for parents, athletes and coaches about the effects of minor traumatic brain injury.

Until the public is aware of the potentially devastating effects of brain injury due to concussions, children are going to continue to be hurt and disabled due to this entirely preventable injury.

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