Citizens Group says N.B. Insurance Cap Unfair

by John McKiggan

Consumer’s Group Calls For Review of Minor Injury Cap

The CBC has reported that a group of concerned citizens has formed a new consumers action group calling for a review of New Brunswick’s “minor injury” cap on car accident insurance claims.

Frances McConnachie is a member of N.B. Consumers for Insurance Fairness. McConnachie was quoted as saying she received $2,500 following an accident in 2004 that has left her with back and neck problems that limit her activities and make her reliant on therapy and pain killers.

Victims Share Stories

The group has started a Facebook page where N.B. accident victims can share their stories, provide support, and get information about the groups effforts to get the N.B. Government to repeal the $2500.00 limit on compensation for so called minor injuries.

I would encourage any readers from New Brunswick to join the fight for fairness!

N.S. Changed Minor Injury Law

After the NDP won the last election here in Nova Scotia, they fullfilled one of their election promises by making improvements to the minor injury cap here in N.S.

The amount of the cap was increased to $7500.00 and the number of people whose claims will be unfairly limited by the cap have been reduced.

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