Research May Show How to Heal Brain Injuries

by John McKiggan

A new study out of Boston Children’s Hospital published in the December issue of the journal Neuron shows that injured nerve fibers (axons) can regenerate when certain genes are deleted.

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Usually Permanent

Victims of brain injury and spinal cord injury often suffer permanent and catastrophic injuries because their damaged nerve axons cannot regenerate. However, a team from the neurobiology centre at the Children’s Hospital of Boston indicates that axon regeneration is inhibited by certain genes.

The research team was able to use genetic techniques to delete the genes in mice.

One of the co-authors, Fage Sun PhD. said that:

“We are very excited by these finding…we are testing whether these manipulations prove functional recovery after optic nerve injury and spinal cord injury.”

Hope For Spinal Cord Injury and Brain Injury Survivors
While the research is a long way from human trials there is hope that the study may lead to progress in rehabilitation of persons who have suffered brain injury or spinal cord injury.

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