Head Injuries the Result of “Culture” Within the Sports

by John McKiggan

Head Injury Seminar

Hockey Canada is conducting its 2009 concussion seminar in Regina this week. The seminar, being staged jointly by Hockey Canada and the Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund invites hockey player, parents, team managers, therapists, coaches and trainers, physicians and other medical professionals to receive up to date information on the diagnosis, treatment and return to play protocol for players who suffer from a concussion.

Concussions a Problem in Hockey

Former NHL defenseman Jammie Heward was attending the seminar. Heward estimates that he may have had more than 20 concussions during his amateur and professional hockey career.


“The pressure to get back on the ice as quick as you possibly can is so incredible. I don’t mean its pressure from management and trainers; I mean its pressure from the players themselves.”

Players Lie to Play

Heward actually admits that some players will even lie to their trainers and team physicians because they don’t want to be taken out of the lineup.

NFL Acknowleges Brain Injury a Problem

The National Football League is also beginning to recognize the huge problems that concussions pose to professional football players.

Pittsburg Stealers receiver, Hines Ward created a uproar recently when he slagged quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, for sitting out after suffering a concussion which resulted in Pittsburg loosing in overtime to the Ravens.

Public Service Announcements

My colleague Bruce Stern has posted on the Traumatic Brain Injury Law blog that the NFL in now conducting public service announcements on the danger of concussions and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion.

Dangers in Amateur Sport
I have posted before about the dangers of a concussion in amateur sports.

Ban Fighting in Hockey to Prevent Brain Injuries – Deaths: Expert Panel

NHL, Parents Need to be Aware of Brain Injury from Concussion

In Canada hockey is our national sport, in the United States football carries the same tradition.

More Education Needed

But it is clear that athletes, both amateur and professional, are not being properly educated about the dangers of brain injury caused by repeated concussion.

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