June is Brain Injury Awareness Month

by John McKiggan

Last week I had the pleasure of golfing in the Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia’s 18th annual 18 Holes for Hope Golf tournament.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

The tournament is one of BIANS’s major fundraisers and I was happy to be part of the organizing committee.The tournament is held in June every year as part of Brain Injury Awareness month.

BIANS: Helping Survivors and Their Families

Over the past 20 years, BIANS has helped provide a community of support for survivors of brain injury by bringing together brain injury survivors, family members and health professionals.

BIANS has established a chapter network at the grassroots community-level to provide support and information to survivors and their families.

BIANS is a source of information about the effects of brain injury and has worked to increase injury prevention and awareness of brain injury.

BIANS established Aiseirigh House (now operated by the Moving In New Directions Society) a residential assisted living facility for brain injury survivors, and the Inroads Program; a community-based program for survivors which teaches cognitive skills and strategies in a combination of one-on-one tutoring, workshops/classroom and social settings.

Living With Brain Injury

I have dedicated my career to helping persons with serious injuries receive fair compensation. To get some idea of the effects, and extraordinary needs of brain injury survivors, take a look at this lecture about living with a traumatic brain injury.


How to Make a Donation

If you want to help support BIANS you can make a donation here.

If you are looking for a Nova Scotia Brain Injury Lawyer you can contact me through this blog for a free copy of my book, The Survivors Guide to Brain Injury Claims: How to prove the invisible injury, or by calling me toll free at 1-877-423-2050.

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