Ban Fighting in Hockey to Prevent Brain Injuries – Deaths: Expert Panel

by John McKiggan

Concussion a Major Cause of Injury in Sport

Traumatic brain injury due to concussion is a leading cause of injury in hockey. An expert panel at the London Hockey Concussion Summit has called for the elimination of high hits and head hits and a total ban on fighting in hockey.

Fighting can Cause Long Term Injury or Death

The panel’s conclusions state:

“Fighting is one of the known causes of concussion, and may result in the related long term complications. Fighting can cause needless death”.

The summit’s chair, Dr. Paul Echlin, stressed that the various recommendations were designed to “serve as a framework for future discussion” and to promote awareness, prevention, recognition and management of concussion in hockey.

Danger Not Limited to Hockey

The danger of concussion is not limited to hockey alone. Football, soccer, basketball, almost any amateur or professional sport can subject a player to forces necessary to cause a concussion. Players, coaches and family members need to be educated about the signs and symptoms of concussion.

However, hockey appears to be the only sport where fighting is tolerated, even encouraged. Until this attitude changes hockey players are going to be needlessly and seriously injured for the edification of the sports “fans”.

Fans Oppose Eliminating Fighting

You can get an idea of the vigorous opposition to eliminating fighting in hockey by taking a look at the comments posted on the CTV News story that reported on the recommendations. More than half of the comments oppose eliminating fighting in hockey.

No doubt the fans who support fighting in hockey will continue to hold that opinion until they, or one of their loved ones, suffers a serious brain injury from being punched out during a hockey game.

What do you think? Should fighting in hockey be banned or is it a necessary part of the game?

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