NHL Hockey Stars – Doctors team up to study concussion/brain injuries

by John McKiggan

Medical experts, former NHL players and olympic medalists will be in London Ontario this weekend to study and draw public awareness to sports related concussions due minor traumatic brain injury.

The London Hockey Concussion Summit is being chaired by Dr. Paul Echlin, a sports medicine and junior hockey doctor. Dr. Michael Czarnota,OHL and WHL consultant, will discuss concussions in minor hockey, and Dr. Jason Mihalik of the University of North Carolina, will discuss the recent multi-center youth concussion study.

But what is likely to get the public’s attention are former NHL stars Eric Lindros, Alyn McCaulay, and Jeff Beukeboom will speak about the effects concussions had on their careers.

Lindros was forced to retire after eight concussions, like this one, ended his career.

Concussions are one of the most serious, and underestimated, injuries in amateur sport. Minor traumatic brain injuries are consistently misdiagnosed and I applaud any effort to draw more attention to the problem. Perhaps the Summit signals a new trend: Sports Celebrity Medical conferences.

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