NHL, Parents Need to be Aware of Brain Injury from Concussion

by John McKiggan

A Toronto neurosurgeon, Dr. Charles Tator, says that professional hockey players, NHL exceutives and parents need to be more aware of the serious effects that concussions have on the brain.

CTV news quoted Dr. Tator as saying that the problem of sports related concussions has:

“…reached epidemic proportions…
Too many people are getting these concussions. They really are not mild . . . We have to take it more seriously.”

Dr. Tator repeated what those of us that represent injured victims have known for a long time: The effects of brain injury due to concussion are too subtle to show up on standard medical imaging tests like CT scans and MRI.

The Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia (BIANS) has posted a page about sports related concussions.

For more information, you can take a look at my website where I have posted about the 8 Myths of Traumatic Brain Injury or watch the video tutorials that I have posted on my website apmlawyers.com.

We have also posted some of the tutorials on YouTube. You can watch one of them here.

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