Chronic Pain Rewires the Brain: Insurance Companies Take Note!

by John McKiggan

For years insurance companies and their lawyers have been telling chronic pain victims: “…it’s all in your head!”

Defendants Claim Chronic Pain Isn’t Real

Insurance companies hire psychiatrists to produce reports claiming that the chronic pain victim’s pain is the result of a psychiatric illness, accuse the victim of malingering or come up with a bogus diagnosis like compensation neurosis.

New Medical Evidence

Well this weeks issue of the medical journal Neuron has proved that the insurance companies are right, the pain is in their head. But not in the way they think.

CBC has reported on a new study that used functional magnetic resonance imaging to study differences in the brains of normal subjects and the brains of subjects with complex regional pain syndrome.

Chronic Pain Rewires the Brain

The brains of chronic pain patients showed physical changes in the brain’s white matter, the cable-like “wiring” of fibres that deliver messages between neurons.

The study’s lead investigator, Vania Apkarian, a professor of physiology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago had this to say:

“This is the first evidence of brain abnormality in these patients…People didn’t believe these patients. This is the first proof that there is a biological underpinning for the condition.”

Another Tool for Victims Advocates

This study is going to be a great tool for those of us that represent injured victims!

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