Bodybuilding Supplements cause Seizures and Blood Clots: Health Canada Warning

by John McKiggan

A diet supplement used by bodybuilders called 6-OXO and 1-AD can trigger seizures and blood clots in the brain that can lead to lasting disability according to a warning issued today by Health Canada.



Both 6-OXO and 1-AD are manufactured by ErgoPharm-Proviant Technologies and are popular among amateur and professional bodybuilders.

CTV news reports that Health Canada has received one report of a serious adverse event that has been linked to use of the supplements. According to the report, a man who had no known health problems suffered seizures and blood clots in his brain after using the supplements.

6-OXO is not approved for sale in Canada, but consumers can buy the supplement over the internet or while travelling in the United States.

1-AD contains an anabolic steroid. That means the supplement is a controlled substance in Canada and can only be purchased by prescription and is supposed to be used only under the supervision of a doctor.

If you are using either of these supplements, you should seek advice from a doctor immediately.

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