Bisphenol A is officially a dangerous substance: Health Canada

by John McKiggan

Bisphenol A has been officially named a dangerous substance by Health Canada. The Globe and Mail reported the story here.

There is wide concern that the hormonally active chemical, which is commonly used in products like baby bottles, can have long term negative health effects. published a helpful list of baby bottles that are manufactured using the chemical. You can find the list here.

The move is widely expected to be the first step in an outright ban on the chemical in products designed to contain food or drinks.

Bisphenol A is one of the:

…most widely used synthetic chemicals in modern industry. It is the basic building block for polycarbonate, the see-through, shatter-proof plastic that resembles glass, and is also used to make the epoxy resins lining the insides of most tin cans, along with some dental sealants, sports helmets, and compact discs.

You can read more about the chemical on Kathy Farber’s blog Non-Toxic Kids.

Next time you go to the gym, take a look and see how many people are chugging their water out of Bisphenol bottles. The question is, what else are they chugging?

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