Canadian Company Sued for Lead Contaminated Toys

by John McKiggan

Lead contamination in toys and other consumer products has been receiving a great deal of coverage from the media lately. See this story, for example.

However, China is not the only source of potentially dangerous toys. The Attorney General of Vermont has sued Canadian Toy manufacturer Ganz Inc. of Woodbridge, Ontario, for distributing items of jewelry and other metal products containing high amounts of lead through retail stores in Vermont.

The lawsuit points out the consumers shouldn’t be complacent or assume a product is safe simply because it isn’t made in China. So how do you find out if a product is safe?

Katy Farber runs a great blog called Non-Toxic Kids with information about product recalls and contaminated toys and dangerous products. It’s a great resource. Check it out.

Health Canada has a website listing all it’s Advisories, Warnings and Recalls. You can find it here.

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